Incentive Management System

Ensuring success.

Our incentive management services eliminate complex, time-consuming tasks. Combined with our product offerings, such as the SuperCertificate® REWARD, you’ll be able to ensure a successful incentive program.

Success simplified.

Ready for an incentive program that not only achieves results, but also simplifies your administration needs? Our customized incentive management system (IMS) saves you time and money. Now you can pull together all the moving parts and track everything with ease, while we take care of all the details. During our consulting process, we will recommend administration support that:

  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Coordinates program activities
  • Eliminates time-consuming tasks
  • Drives proactive program administration
  • Tracks, monitors, and reviews the success of your program

A powerful management tool – customized for your business.

A major benefit of our IMS is that it is customized to your company and your program needs. RewardSpot™ provides website development, a database platform, online reporting, data security, and custom development. Through a personalized web-based home page, you can:

  • Streamline communications
  • Automate program rules
  • Improve program success
  • Customize and communicate
  • Nominate employees
  • Approve nominations
  • Conduct testing and surveys
  • Set program rules
  • Issue rewards
  • Operate multiple programs on the platform

Self-Service Web Interface

Rewards management simplified.

With an account at RewardSpot™, you’ll have an easy, efficient way to order, manage, and deliver rewards. We help you eliminate time-consuming rewards management tasks, so you can focus more on your employees and customers.

Everything you’ll ever need to manage rewards.

You will have complete visibility to your entire account. Our website ordering system offers simple steps to order and customize the delivery of your rewards. You may also authorize additional members to purchase rewards.

Tools for success:

  • Create an account with your personal profile
  • Authorize additional purchasers
  • Purchase one or many rewards
  • Brand the SuperCertificate Reward with your company logo
  • Personalize your own messages to accompany rewards
  • Create and save an address book of recipients for repeat shipping
  • Choose a delivery format and method
  • Track and view the history of your orders
  • Securely store credit card information to eliminate time-consuming information input

These tools are all available at our Classic level of service. But for corporations that want more customization, personalization, reporting, integration, and other services – we offer Advanced and Premium service levels that provide a host of tools to get you exactly what you need.

Rewarding Recipient Experience

A most rewarding experience.

From receipt to redemption – we’ve created an engaging, efficient experience for reward recipients. Redemption pages are easy to understand and guide the recipient through the simple process of redeeming their reward while reinforcing the value of the reward and the many choices available to them.

Depending on the solution level your business requires, SuperCertificate recipients can experience:

  • Access to a redemption website
  • A recipient redemption site customized with your logo
  • A URL specific to your recipients and their redemption experience
  • A website that includes custom messaging
  • A site that includes a completely customized look and feel

Reporting Capabilities

Monitor everything with real-time reporting.

You need to know how much you’re spending, who’s spending what, where it’s going, and other valuable data required to manage a successful rewards program. Depending on the level of service that’s right for your business, reporting capabilities for your account or for individual users can include purchase details for up to 36 months after purchase, recipient names, addresses, reward types, reward amounts, and more.

Role-Based Permissions

You decide who does what.

RewardSpot™ helps you manage rewards more efficiently through role-based permissions. Quickly and easily set purchase authority to a specific amount based on a person’s role. The ability to view order history and other reporting can also be set according to role. Role-based permissions let you empower people with additional responsibilities, such as nominating recipients for rewards – with or without the need for an approval by another member of the organization.

It’s all about flexibility, delegation, and control. No more worrying about who’s doing what. You decide.

Large Order Capabilities

Ready to handle your largest rewards program.

Large orders do not need to be keyed in manually. Instead, you can send us files (in just about any format) with orders for multiple recipients – with multiple reward amounts, personal messages, reward designs, and more. We’ll take care of the rest. RewardSpot™ also lets you send in orders through an API that takes orders for individual rewards.

Budget Control

Keep reward spending under control.

We’ve built powerful budget controls into our incentive management system to help you keep track of your rewards spending. All spending for the program can be controlled and monitored. You can quickly and easily limit purchasing authority within your account, based upon a person’s role and/or department. RewardSpot™ helps you get the most out of your rewards program – without overspending.

Branded customer service.

We boast some of the longest hours of customer service operation in the industry. Our branded customer service includes:

  • Dedicated toll-free lines for your program participants
  • A personalized answering service that includes your company's name
  • Trained telephone representatives who know the specifics of your campaign and resolve participant
       issues quickly

Dedicated Account Executives.

All RewardSpot™ corporate accounts have dedicated Account Executives who help you manage your program. Our Account Executives get to know and understand your business. They know all the ins and outs of running a successful program and apply their skills accordingly. They are proactive rather than reactive and act as your advocate.

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